Approaching Summer

Seeing it in my mind
The sparkle in your eyes
A frosty sunrise in my soul
Hearing your voice
My spirit flies with every word
And I hold my breath
Happiness spreads in me
Your heartbeat my home
There’s fresh water far below
With rapids white and restless
Rumbling like my feelings
Quietly in the land
Holding on, letting go
Loving you, missing you
Dark, serene and precious
Light in the centre of my life
Hope giving, purest beauty

Slowly awakening now
The afternoon has faded
Looking ahead alone
The future strikes with fear
Remembering your touch
I shiver and close my eyes
A longing deep inside makes
Tears form in my eyes
They flow down my face
And rest in my neck halting
Agony at the gates 
Leading to my deepest thoughts
Little white flowers with
Sun-like centres growing
Between grass and weeds
At my feet while I listen
To the sound of water running

An owl lives in this tree
That I’m leaning back against
It goes hunting in the night
Swiftly gliding through the air
Silent, unseen until the second
It snatches its prey
Each time the sun goes down
In faint shimmering nightlight
A little creature dies
A sudden chill is in the air
I wrap my arms around myself
Yet already cold inside
Should I let you go to find
Another to love and hold
A slight breeze moves my hair
And whispers in my ear
It’s not your choice or his

(Arifa Isabel - April 2005)

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