Entering, there’s nothing…
Just the night and I… I walk.
A tree appears before me
Its bark rough and dry,
Its limbs overshadowing
In the night, disappearing.
Glints of colour, could be
Faintly glittering in moonlight,
A crown on each shadow’s rim.

Intenser I look, more
And more they spring out…
Saying things uninterpretable.
Their speech and call I guess,
Slowly like my sight
Consciousness changes, something
Deep inside awakens.
Clearer my sight clearer perception
One thousand million times…

I hear their voice inside,
Turning away overwhelmed
Walking through the semi-dark.
Shades of shadow, await, enclose
Brown and black and gold.
There’s a sound of a stir
A rustle shatters peaceful silence
In my heart, my breath stops, 
In a fragment of fear.

Something’s alive closeby
And unseen…
Frozen, waiting, expecting.
Stronger my heart, relief
Gains, cold air turns, skin warms.
Trickling sound of water
Gliding over rocks and pebbles
Feeding the green, inspiring
Life in the ground beneath.

My transparent flesh
The sound cleanses,
My feelings, my mind I can see.
Mirroring each drop, thoughts 
Become mine, where they go
Or linger in the light dark,
I’ll find out, discerning
One thousand million stars
More than diamonds sparkle.

Like crystal gleams, eternally
In the water running
By my feet, reaching.
Flesh meets the fresh glitter 
Like satin touching, chilling
I touch my forehead…
It induces, me to settle down
Near it in old light only reaching
Now, us beings of cruelty and hate.

The nightblue above, lilac 
Shades creeping,
One thousand million shards
Trickle above, could there be
Could they have seen,
Somewhere in the expanse
Maybe just one,
A creature pure and clear like
My thoughts a moment before?

(Arifa Isabel - April 2005)

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