In The Dark

Her grey eyes shine
like omens of death.
They ever searched the sea
for a sign, ever.
Within them captured deep 
sadness, despair
but strength unseen.
Their beauty just
seldom witnessed here.
By the sea, never they shine
with light of old
and mystery grown.
Reminiscing of fate before.
In them, past lingering.
Fate befell on the isle
doom alike, the same.
Abandoned for war.
The white tree growing
Her grey eyes now shone
in weariness, ever.
And the elven bird’s song
relentlessly sent forth.
Bitterness arose where
knowledge decayed.
Cast in the depths
crystallized by
the burden of grief
and joy once known.
Hope perished together
alongside wisdom.
Of that same light
of happiness, vanished.
They shine no more, never.
Too great the burden.
Of no avail the child
whose laughter faltered.

(Arifa Isabel - April 2005)

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