The waves desire me
Will or do I desire them
Would I let them and surrender

The waves come to me
However they can and will
They’re death in physical form

The waves tell untruths
Hoping to weaken the heart
Shake the soul, unstable

The waves are beautiful
Like sirens in fisherman’s tales
Singing sweetly threatening

The waves are in our hearts
Awakening sadness and insecurity
To us it’s fate to be tempted

The waves we must weaken
Stop them at the borders of
Our mind strong as steel

The waves come to us
As flowers in grassy places
Fresh as snowy air and moist

The waves slowly cause our mind
To rust, crumble, perish
Only ruined hope left behind

The waves feel our inner strength
And anticipate our weakness
And hate, destroying the steel

The waves are deceiving
Obscuring thoughts, turning them
Towards forgetfulness and bliss

The waves we try to obstruct
With joy, prayer and belief
Always in vain attempting

(Arifa Isabel - March 2005)

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