Darkness rages all around
Through my head and in my soul
Discomforting thoughts seek courage
I just search for some understanding
Safety in my mind a place to hide
Somewhere it should be, a refuge
Or stage for celebration
Walking down the corridor now 
Shadows move and attack
Beauty always fled this prison
Fear closes in, frozen I stand
Time slows and love for life cries out
Reaching out to people I love
Meaningless smiles fill my heart
Coldness takes me completely
Drifting off on shallow breaths
Seeing nothing, imagining sound
Trying to hear any kind direction
Falling and reality is lost
Swift cold breeze in my face
Vaguely deciphering some melodies
An angelic form appears, pure simplicity 
Gleaming wings and silver aura
I watch and listen, age old songs
Drifting through me and away with the wind
Utter silence suddenly, safety returns
He lifts a wing and turns, dissolves
Remembering his solemn gaze
Darkness returns and I wait

(Arifa Isabel - September 2004)



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