Madness at Peace

Eternal fire in my heart you are,
Source of my life-energy.
Kept me alive once… at a time long gone…
In the dark of this nightmare winter.
Lately feel… so cold,
Since you left these radiant walkways
Want you always here at my side,
The one for me to gently hold.
Oceans of flowers we watched together,
Now all wilted and dead,
Are today a barren field of grey. 
Lifeless now… yet beauty lies therein.
Where once ever was light…
Condemned to blindness we are.
Feeling quite satisfied… 
Towards the end of emotional suffering,
Too weary of craving thoughts.
I’ll come and find you, darling if I can….
Guide me where the day has died,
Where my life can’t go…
My soul is only dark and blank,
Lonely now…
Gladly saying hello to cheerful death.
In eternity walking by your side,
And search forever lost peace of mind.

(Arifa Isabel - July 2004)

*Painting by Heinrich Harder

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