Hiding from the intruding world
Everyone kept at a distance
Sheltered between four solid walls
You’re at ease with your restless thoughts
Crosses on the wall, incense burning
Pentagrams etched into schoolbooks
Music is your liberation
Music is your only refuge
Disguised you search the streets
For a real purpose in this seemingly endless life
Dark black night is what you live for
Still happiness never creeps in

When you see him is when you’re inspired
Reading and researching
His bad tidings and mistakes give you hope
That’s why you love him so
Combined with brilliance and arrogance
Keep you interested for a while
Are you living for this hell?
Keeping mum and dad happy
You surely always have them thinking
That your life is fine and pretty
A future headed towards you
Of sunshine and babies

Black make-up painted with care
Helps you stay isolated
Clawed rings and spiked bracelets
Scare the narrow minded away
Downward gaze and avoiding glances
You fail to see those who care
From the beginning you knew
Your destiny forever was to remain
Alone and shielded from the outsiders
They will never understand your caged mind
However hard they try to listen
‘Cause your voice is forever unnoticed

Sitting by yourself, thinking
Of the friends who don’t know you
Hugging and talking everyday
But they never see your shattered spirit
Or your collapsing consciousness
One day they’ll notice and regret
The missing person who remained
Silent as an early spring breeze
Blowing through leafless trees
‘Cause finally you’d have had enough
Of meaningless smiles and unmeant words
That day you will dare to say goodbye

(Arifa Isabel - October 2003)

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