Middle of Night

Lights go out and you appear before me
Emotions radiate off you in a haze of mist
Slowly you watch
And your heart weeps
Red hot specks of blood

Blood, the same as hers
Invisible she was, no use at all
Just present by the pain
Neglect forced upon you
By her clouding addiction

She never realised
The hurt in your eyes
Her strawberry blonde hair you adored
Like a song, like music
Ripping through your soul

She left you for others
You endured their abuse
You lived with their love
In the middle of night
You wake and you’re alone

It has been so long
Years just disappear
Now, again you’re there
Alcohol rhymes with idiocy
Getting stoned all that really mattered

One-sided conversation in the next room
What in God’s name have you done
Leaving them behind
No tears, no sorrow they’ve seen
But the memories now slowly tear you up

I see you almost crying
I hear it all in your voice
Pain and beauty all at once
Hatred flows from your eyes
Feelings resound and break

Survive tonight it’s all you’ve waited for
Disappointment I see in your movements
Anger voiced literally surprises all
Epic confused thoughts come from inside
Hundreds of smiles directed at you

All this pierces my heart
Wouldn’t have it any other way
Wishing I could remove the sorrow
Replace it with approval
With the one who should’ve been there

She looks at you for the first time
Wonder in her eyes
Watching the stranger
Never ever shared a story
Never a smile

(Arifa Isabel - October 2003)

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