Your eyes stare at me
You see and yet don’t notice
Where are your thoughts
You think of me
But I’m forgotten anyway
Where have I gone
Somehow I know
Somehow I let go
Somehow I disconnect
Somehow I go on
Somehow I‘m happy

Your smile means more to me
Than all the treasures in the world
More than anything anyone can say
And that includes you
Your eyes speak to me
More than a thousand languages

Somehow I feel
Somehow I notice
Somehow I know
Somehow we understand
Somehow you’re here

Snow falls softly
Like your tears that burn me
All is becoming white
Like my mind goes blank
A universe of difference
Doesn’t matter anymore

Somehow I’m lost
Somehow I’ll never say goodbye
Somehow neither will you
Somehow we know
Somehow we die

In darkness I go on
The rest of my life
Without you holding me
I feel you in the air
I take one breath
And you’re gone

(Arifa Isabel - September 2003)

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